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I AM Peace and Harmony in Hungary: Nov 4, 2006 Concordance

Good day,
Let us continue over the next week our enlivening vision of peace and
harmony in Hungary. Hungarians are celebrating the 50th anniversary of a
pivotal uprising against the Soviet-backed communist government that
ultimately led to their freedom thirty years later. 
The story of Hungarian democracy represents the triumph of liberty over
tyranny. In the fall of 1956, the Hungarian people demanded change, and tens
of thousands of students, workers, and other citizens bravely marched
through the streets to call for freedom. Though Soviet tanks brutally
crushed the Hungarian uprising, the thirst for freedom lived on, and in 1989
Hungary became the first communist nation in Europe to make the transition
to democracy. Today, this beautiful country has held democratic elections,
established a free economy, and inspired millions around the world."
So, for the next week, with body, heart, mind and soul:
I AM the Peace and Harmony that passes understanding.
We see all citizens full of calm, peace, wisdom and compassion, radiating
out for all to experience, while being free from fear, hatred, anger and
We see politicians putting the interest of the Hungarian people before their
self-interests and desire to win over the opposition.

We see opposing parties in meaningful dialog, resolving conflict and
separation, which will lead to social harmony.

We see ordinary people rising up in right-action to claim their G-d-given
rights of liberty, harmony and right-livelihood, empowered by the truth of
their collective strength to dissolve domination, manipulation and politics
that disrupt harmony in families, friendships, communities and work places.

We see trust, reconciliation and an indelible spirit of cooperation taking
over from suspicion and animosity in all the communities big and small.

We see self-empowered, intelligent people rebuilding the capitol in
integrity, a deep moral sense and with a new government that has the welfare
of its people as its utmost concern, allowing karmic forces to render
disharmonious actions and individuals to their fair state.

We see people living in a spirit of wisdom, abundance and foresight with the
economic challenges that stabilizing reforms may bring.

We see the streets of Budapest and other towns full of happy tourists, and
people that feel safe and secure.

We see the country once again being a peaceful, secure, deeply cultural

I AM the Peace and Harmony that passes understanding.

All my best,
Joseph Giove, aka Flesymi 

PS. Next Concordance: November 23rd...a BIG celebration!


"Peace is not the absence of war; it is a virtue; a state of mind; a
disposition for benevolence, confidence and justice." 

"Be the change you want to see in the world."
Mahatma Gandhi


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