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Personal Manifestation Guide request for next Concordance

Good day,
As I mentioned in the last email notice, the next Concordances will be about
manifesting our personal and global visions. We will be accomplishing this
in a unique way that you may want to participate in: we will empower each
others' personal  visions, not our own. There is massive power....the power
of One...when this is done. Read for the
principles upon which this process is based. My only caution is this: be
careful what you ask for because you will get it!
If you want to participate, please email me your Personal Manifestation
Make a list of the manifestations you desire in your personal life. Include
relationship, financial, living circumstance, spiritual, life passion and
other relevant aspects. Be clear, concise (700 words or less) and vivid in
your descriptions. Include "time" lines and how you will *feel* with their
I will prepare a single document that contains the Personal Manifestation
guides of all participants, listing only the first names for privacy
reasons. I will email this in advance of the next Concordance so each
participant can include everyone else in their meditations prior to the
Concordance. Then, on the next Concordance date (October 14, 6 Ahau), we
will energize these manifestations with the power of our group. We will then
enjoy the process of their unfoldment in each others' lives.
This is an extremely powerful process, made even greater by the fact that
many of us participating have been building synergy, coherence and
correlation since 1999. Please don't miss this opportunity to energize and
amplify the manifesting power of your visions!
Please send me your Personal Manifestation Guides on or before October 8 if
you want to be included.
All my best,

Joseph Giove, aka Flesymi



Let's Create a New Vibe:



Definition of our special form of coherence: 

An orderly, correlated and aesthetically consistent group of people who've
mastered their own inner dynamic and can play in the larger, planetary field
where their collective attention and intention are directed toward the
immediate fulfillment of a shared desire, in any one of these areas: 

Coherence: a logical, orderly, and aesthetically consistent relationship of

The "parts" (us) should also be highly correlated to have the greatest
effect. Correlation means: the relationship between two variables during a
period of time, especially one that shows a close match between the
variables' movements.




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