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I AM Whole this Moment: Concordance 10.02.05

Good day from,
In trying to arrive at a healing Concordance for those 
rebuilding their lives after natural disasters, I came 
to the conclusion that what is really required is a 
wholesome disposition positively and continually 
applied in the Heart of the collective field. Not an 
event-type meditation, but a powerful wave of positive 
intent continually directed toward those in need.
If we, who have an affinity for the infinite
possibilities of the human spirit, know that millions of
people can converge on a prayer or meditation and
increase the probability of that prayer manifesting,
then it seems irresponsible to apply ourselves in this
way only occasionally.

If we believe that the power of our intention and attention
directing our life force can condition and modify the
space and "laws" operating around us, then we must discontinue
spinning our energy enforcing the effluence of human
existence...and the very things that we DON'T want...instead
of charging the bright, lovely, wise, compassionate, colorful
aspects of our nature, and our own greater potential.

So, many times, hundreds...thousands of times a day, that any one 
comes to mind that may be suffering (human or animal), 
let us bring forth this Concordance:

I AM Whole this Moment!

I AM Love.

I AM Hope.

I AM Compassion.

Be It now, and now, and now...and see/feel this present 
acceptance and peace in the hearts of all those, as they 
are open to receive it.

And please, help us spread the new Vibe!

My best,
Joseph Giove (aka Flesymi)


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